Java - Memory Management - Interview Questions and Answers on Stack Memory

Q1.  Which are the different segments of memory ?

Ans. 1. Stack Segment - contains local variables and Reference variables(variables that hold the address of an object in the heap)

2. Heap Segment - contains all created objects in runtime, objects only plus their object attributes (instance variables)

3. Code Segment -  The segment where the actual compiled Java bytecodes resides when loaded

Q2.  Different types of memory used by JVM ?

Ans. Class , Heap , Stack , Register , Native Method Stack.

Q3.  Which kind of memory is used for storing object member variables and function local variables ?

Ans. Local variables are stored in stack whereas object variables are stored in heap.

Q4.  Why do member variables have default values whereas local variables don't have any default value ?

Ans. member variable are loaded into heap, so they are initialized with default values when an instance of a class is created. In case of local variables, they are stored in stack until they are being used.

Q5.  Which memory areas does instance and static variables use ?

Ans. instance variables are stored on stack whereas static variables are stored on heap. 

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