Spring Projects - List of Jackson Classes and Interfaces

NameTypeSpring ProjectDetail

AbstractJacksonJsonObjectMapper Abstract Class Spring Integration Detail
AbstractMappingJacksonResponseBodyAdvice Abstract Class Spring MVC Detail
DefaultJackson2JavaTypeMapper Class Spring AMQP Detail
ExecutionContextJacksonMixIn Class Spring XD Detail
ExecutionContextJacksonMixIn Class Spring XD Detail
ExitStatusJacksonMixIn Class Spring XD Detail
Jackson2HalModule Class Spring Hateoas Detail
Jackson2JavaTypeMapper Interface Spring AMQP Detail
Jackson2JsonMessageConverter Class Spring AMQP Detail
Jackson2JsonMessageParser Class Spring Integration Detail
Jackson2JsonObjectMapper Class Spring Integration Detail
Jackson2ObjectMapperBuilder Class Spring MVC Detail
Jackson2ObjectMapperFactoryBean Class Spring MVC Detail
Jackson2SockJsMessageCodec Class Spring MVC Detail
JacksonAutoConfiguration Class Spring Boot Detail
JacksonJsonParser Class Spring Boot Detail
JacksonJsonUtils Class Spring Integration Detail
JacksonProperties Class Spring Boot Detail
JobExecutionJacksonMixIn Class Spring XD Detail
JobInstanceJacksonMixIn Class Spring XD Detail
JobParameterJacksonDeserializer Class Spring XD Detail
JobParameterJacksonMixIn Class Spring XD Detail
JobParametersJacksonMixIn Class Spring XD Detail
MappingJackson2HttpMessageConverter Class Spring Android Detail
MappingJackson2MessageConverter Class Spring MVC Detail
MappingJackson2XmlHttpMessageConverter Class Spring MVC Detail
MappingJackson2XmlView Class Spring MVC Detail
MappingJacksonHttpMessageConverter Class Spring Android Detail
MappingJacksonValue Class Spring MVC Detail
StepExecutionHistoryJacksonMixIn Class Spring XD Detail
StepExecutionJacksonMixIn Class Spring XD Detail
StepExecutionJacksonMixIn Class Spring XD Detail
TypeConstrainedMappingJackson2HttpMessageConverter Class Spring Hateoas Detail

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