Spring Projects - List of Connection Classes and Interfaces

NameTypeSpring ProjectDetail

AbstractClientConnectionFactory Abstract Class Spring Integration Detail
AbstractConnectionFactory Abstract Class Spring AMQP Detail
AbstractConnectionFactory Abstract Class Spring Integration Detail
AbstractHttpSenderConnection Abstract Class Spring WebService Detail
AbstractReceiverConnection Abstract Class Spring WebService Detail
AbstractRoutingConnectionFactory Abstract Class Spring AMQP Detail
AbstractSenderConnection Abstract Class Spring WebService Detail
AbstractServerConnectionFactory Abstract Class Spring Integration Detail
AbstractTcpConnectionFactoryOptionsMetadata Abstract Class Spring XD Detail
AbstractWebServiceConnection Abstract Class Spring WebService Detail
AbstractXmppConnectionAwareEndpoint Abstract Class Spring Integration Detail
AbstractXmppConnectionAwareMessageHandler Abstract Class Spring Integration Detail
AnnotatedEndpointConnectionManager Class Spring MVC Detail
AtomikosConnectionFactoryBean Class Spring Boot Detail
AtomikosXAConnectionFactoryWrapper Class Spring Boot Detail
BitronixXAConnectionFactoryWrapper Class Spring Boot Detail
CachingClientConnectionFactory Class Spring Integration Detail
CachingConnectionFactory Class Spring AMQP Detail
CachingConnectionFactory Class Spring MVC Detail
CannotGetCciConnectionException Class Spring MVC Detail
CannotGetJdbcConnectionException Class Spring MVC Detail
ClientHttpRequestConnection Class Spring WebService Detail
ClientModeConnectionManager Class Spring Integration Detail
ClientTcpConnectionFactoryOptionsMetadataMixin Class Spring XD Detail
CommonsHttpConnection Class Spring WebService Detail
CompositeConnectionListener Class Spring AMQP Detail
Connection Interface Spring AMQP Detail
ConnectionCallback Interface Spring MVC Detail
ConnectionCallback Interface Spring MVC Detail
ConnectionFactory Interface Spring Integration Detail
ConnectionFactory Interface Spring AMQP Detail
ConnectionFactorySettings Class Spring XD Detail
ConnectionFactoryUtils Class Spring MVC Detail
ConnectionFactoryUtils Class Spring MVC Detail
ConnectionFactoryUtils Class Spring AMQP Detail
ConnectionHandle Interface Spring MVC Detail
ConnectionHolder Class Spring MVC Detail
ConnectionHolder Class Spring MVC Detail
ConnectionListener Interface Spring AMQP Detail
ConnectionProperties Interface Spring MVC Detail
ConnectionProxy Interface Spring AMQP Detail
ConnectionProxy Interface Spring MVC Detail
DefaultTcpNioConnectionSupport Class Spring Integration Detail
DefaultTcpNioSSLConnectionSupport Class Spring Integration Detail
DelegatingConnectionFactory Class Spring MVC Detail
DelegatingConnectionFactory Class Spring MVC Detail
EmbeddedDatabaseConnection Enum Spring Boot Detail
EndpointAwareWebServiceConnection Interface Spring WebService Detail
EndpointConnectionManager Class Spring MVC Detail
ExtendedConnectionDataSourceProxy Class Spring Batch Detail
FailoverClientConnectionFactory Class Spring Integration Detail
FaultAwareWebServiceConnection Interface Spring WebService Detail
FtpConnectionMixin Class Spring XD Detail
HeadersAwareReceiverWebServiceConnection Interface Spring WebService Detail
HeadersAwareSenderWebServiceConnection Interface Spring WebService Detail
HttpComponentsConnection Class Spring WebService Detail
HttpExchangeConnection Class Spring WebService Detail
HttpServletConnection Class Spring WebService Detail
HttpUrlConnection Class Spring WebService Detail
HttpUrlConnectionMessageSender Class Spring WebService Detail
HttpsUrlConnectionMessageSender Class Spring WebService Detail
JdbcConnectionMixin Class Spring XD Detail
JdbcConnectionPoolMixin Class Spring XD Detail
JmsReceiverConnection Class Spring WebService Detail
JmsSenderConnection Class Spring WebService Detail
JndiConnectionFactoryAutoConfiguration Class Spring Boot Detail
LazyConnectionDataSourceProxy Class Spring MVC Detail
LocalConnectionFactoryBean Class Spring MVC Detail
LocalDataSourceConnectionProvider Class Spring MVC Detail
LocalJtaDataSourceConnectionProvider Class Spring MVC Detail
LocalizedQueueConnectionFactory Class Spring AMQP Detail
LocalizedQueueConnectionFactory Class Spring XD Detail
MBeanServerConnectionFactoryBean Class Spring MVC Detail
MailReceiverConnection Class Spring WebService Detail
MailSenderConnection Class Spring WebService Detail
MongoDbConnectionMixin Class Spring XD Detail
MqttConnectionMixin Class Spring XD Detail
PerConnectionWebSocketHandler Class Spring MVC Detail
PoolingConnectionFactoryBean Class Spring Boot Detail
PublisherCallbackChannelConnectionFactory Interface Spring AMQP Detail
RabbitConnectionFactoryBean Class Spring AMQP Detail
RabbitConnectionMixin Class Spring XD Detail
Reactor11TcpConnection Class Spring MVC Detail
RedisConnectionMixin Class Spring XD Detail
RepositoryConnectionListener Class Apache ZooKeeper Detail
RoutingConnectionFactory Interface Spring AMQP Detail
SQLiteConnectionRepository Class Spring Android Detail
SQLiteConnectionRepositoryHelper Class Spring Android Detail
SQLiteUsersConnectionRepository Class Spring Android Detail
ServerTcpConnectionFactoryOptionsMetadataMixin Class Spring XD Detail
SimpleConnection Class Spring AMQP Detail
SimpleConnectionHandle Class Spring MVC Detail
SimpleRoutingConnectionFactory Class Spring AMQP Detail
SingleConnectionDataSource Class Spring MVC Detail
SmartConnectionFactory Interface Spring MVC Detail
TcpConnection Interface Spring Integration Detail
TcpConnection Interface Spring MVC Detail
TcpConnectionCloseEvent Class Spring Integration Detail
TcpConnectionEvent Class Spring Integration Detail
TcpConnectionEventInboundChannelAdapterParser Class Spring Integration Detail
TcpConnectionEventListeningMessageProducer Class Spring Integration Detail
TcpConnectionExceptionEvent Class Spring Integration Detail
TcpConnectionFactoryFactoryBean Class Spring Integration Detail
TcpConnectionFactoryParser Class Spring Integration Detail
TcpConnectionFailedCorrelationEvent Class Spring Integration Detail
TcpConnectionHandler Interface Spring MVC Detail
TcpConnectionInterceptor Interface Spring Integration Detail
TcpConnectionInterceptorFactory Interface Spring Integration Detail
TcpConnectionInterceptorFactoryChain Class Spring Integration Detail
TcpConnectionInterceptorSupport Class Spring Integration Detail
TcpConnectionOpenEvent Class Spring Integration Detail
TcpConnectionServerExceptionEvent Class Spring Integration Detail
TcpConnectionSupport Class Spring Integration Detail
TcpNetClientConnectionFactory Class Spring Integration Detail
TcpNetConnection Class Spring Integration Detail
TcpNetServerConnectionFactory Class Spring Integration Detail
TcpNioClientConnectionFactory Class Spring Integration Detail
TcpNioConnection Class Spring Integration Detail
TcpNioConnectionSupport Interface Spring Integration Detail
TcpNioSSLConnection Class Spring Integration Detail
TcpNioServerConnectionFactory Class Spring Integration Detail
TcpServerConnectionFactory Interface Spring Integration Detail
TransactionAwareConnectionFactoryProxy Class Spring MVC Detail
TransactionAwareConnectionFactoryProxy Class Spring MVC Detail
TransactionAwareDataSourceConnectionProvider Class Spring MVC Detail
WebServiceConnection Interface Spring WebService Detail
XAConnectionFactoryWrapper Interface Spring Boot Detail
XmppConnectionFactoryBean Class Spring WebService Detail
XmppConnectionFactoryBean Class Spring Integration Detail
XmppConnectionParser Class Spring Integration Detail
XmppReceiverConnection Class Spring WebService Detail
XmppSenderConnection Class Spring WebService Detail
ZooKeeperConnection Class Apache ZooKeeper Detail
ZooKeeperConnectionConfigurer Interface Apache ZooKeeper Detail
ZooKeeperConnectionListener Interface Apache ZooKeeper Detail
ZookeeperConnectionPlugin Class Spring XD Detail

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