Spring Projects - List of Mapper Classes and Interfaces

NameTypeSpring ProjectDetail

AbstractContextMapper Abstract Class Spring LDAP Detail
AbstractFieldMappingAwareDataMapper Abstract Class Spring XD Detail
AbstractHeaderMapper Abstract Class Spring Integration Detail
AbstractHeaderMapper Abstract Class Spring MVC Detail
AbstractJacksonJsonObjectMapper Abstract Class Spring Integration Detail
AbstractJavaTypeMapper Abstract Class Spring AMQP Detail
AbstractJsonInboundMessageMapper Abstract Class Spring Integration Detail
AbstractParameterizedContextMapper Abstract Class Spring LDAP Detail
AddressFieldSetMapper Class Spring Batch Detail
AggregateItemFieldSetMapper Class Spring Batch Detail
AmqpHeaderMapper Interface Spring Integration Detail
AmqpHeaderMapper Interface Spring AMQP Detail
ArrayFieldSetMapper Class Spring Batch Detail
AttributeCheckAttributesMapper Class Spring LDAP Detail
AttributeCheckContextMapper Class Spring LDAP Detail
Attributes2GrantedAuthoritiesMapper Interface Spring Security Detail
AttributesMapper Interface Spring LDAP Detail
AuthenticatedLdapEntryContextMapper Interface Spring LDAP Detail
BeanWrapperFieldSetMapper Class Spring Batch Detail
BillingFieldSetMapper Class Spring Batch Detail
BoonJsonObjectMapper Class Spring Integration Detail
ClassMapper Interface Spring AMQP Detail
ConfigurableSystemProcessExitCodeMapper Class Spring Batch Detail
ContextMapper Interface Spring LDAP Detail
CustomerCreditFieldSetMapper Class Spring Batch Detail
CustomerCreditRowMapper Class Spring Batch Detail
CustomerDebitRowMapper Class Spring Batch Detail
CustomerFieldSetMapper Class Spring Batch Detail
CustomerUpdateFieldSetMapper Class Spring Batch Detail
DatagramPacketMessageMapper Class Spring Integration Detail
DefaultAmqpHeaderMapper Class Spring Integration Detail
DefaultClassMapper Class Spring AMQP Detail
DefaultHttpHeaderMapper Class Spring Integration Detail
DefaultIncrementalAttributesMapper Class Spring LDAP Detail
DefaultJackson2JavaTypeMapper Class Spring AMQP Detail
DefaultJavaTypeMapper Class Spring AMQP Detail
DefaultJmsHeaderMapper Class Spring Integration Detail
DefaultLdapUsernameToDnMapper Class Spring Security Detail
DefaultLineMapper Class Spring Batch Detail
DefaultMapper Class Spring Webflow Detail
DefaultNameClassPairMapper Class Spring LDAP Detail
DefaultObjectDirectoryMapper Class Spring LDAP Detail
DefaultSoapHeaderMapper Class Spring Integration Detail
DefaultXmppHeaderMapper Class Spring Integration Detail
ExitCodeMapper Interface Spring Batch Detail
FieldSetMapper Interface Spring Batch Detail
GameFieldSetMapper Class Spring Batch Detail
GenericSubflowAttributeMapper Class Spring Webflow Detail
GrantedAuthoritiesMapper Interface Spring Security Detail
HeaderFieldSetMapper Class Spring Batch Detail
HeaderMapper Interface Spring Integration Detail
HeaderMapper Interface Spring MVC Detail
InboundMessageMapper Interface Spring Integration Detail
IncrementalAttributesMapper Interface Spring LDAP Detail
InetOrgPersonContextMapper Class Spring Security Detail
InputMapper Interface Spring XD Detail
Jackson2JavaTypeMapper Interface Spring AMQP Detail
Jackson2JsonObjectMapper Class Spring Integration Detail
JavaTypeMapper Interface Spring AMQP Detail
JmsHeaderMapper Interface Spring Integration Detail
JmsHeaderMapper Interface Spring MVC Detail
JsonInboundMessageMapper Class Spring Integration Detail
JsonLineMapper Class Spring Batch Detail
JsonObjectMapper Interface Spring Integration Detail
JsonOutboundMessageMapper Class Spring Integration Detail
LdapEntryIdentificationContextMapper Class Spring LDAP Detail
LdapUserDetailsMapper Class Spring Security Detail
LdapUsernameToDnMapper Interface Spring Security Detail
LineMapper Interface Spring Batch Detail
MapBasedAttributes2GrantedAuthoritiesMapper Class Spring Security Detail
Mapper Interface Spring Webflow Detail
Mapper Interface Spring XD Detail
MessageConvertingTcpMessageMapper Class Spring Integration Detail
MessageRowMapper Class Spring Integration Detail
MethodArgsMessageMapper Interface Spring Integration Detail
NameClassPairMapper Interface Spring LDAP Detail
NodeMapper Interface Spring WebService Detail
NullAuthoritiesMapper Class Spring Security Detail
ObjectDirectoryMapper Interface Spring LDAP Detail
OrderItemFieldSetMapper Class Spring Batch Detail
OutboundMessageMapper Interface Spring Integration Detail
OutputMapper Interface Spring XD Detail
ParameterMapper Interface Spring MVC Detail
ParameterizedBeanPropertyRowMapper Class Spring MVC Detail
ParameterizedContextMapper Interface Spring LDAP Detail
ParameterizedRowMapper Interface Spring MVC Detail
ParameterizedSingleColumnRowMapper Class Spring MVC Detail
PassThroughFieldSetMapper Class Spring Batch Detail
PassThroughLineMapper Class Spring Batch Detail
PatternMatchingCompositeLineMapper Class Spring Batch Detail
PersonContextMapper Class Spring Security Detail
PlayerFieldSetMapper Class Spring Batch Detail
PlayerSummaryMapper Class Spring Batch Detail
PlayerSummaryRowMapper Class Spring Batch Detail
PortMapper Interface Spring Security Detail
RecordMapper Interface Spring Batch Detail
RecordMapper Interface Spring LDAP Detail
RequestReplyHeaderMapper Interface Spring Integration Detail
RoleHierarchyAuthoritiesMapper Class Spring Security Detail
RowMapper Interface Spring MVC Detail
ShippingFieldSetMapper Class Spring Batch Detail
SimpleAmqpHeaderMapper Class Spring AMQP Detail
SimpleAttributes2GrantedAuthoritiesMapper Class Spring Security Detail
SimpleAuthorityMapper Class Spring Security Detail
SimpleJmsHeaderMapper Class Spring MVC Detail
SimpleJvmExitCodeMapper Class Spring Batch Detail
SimpleSystemProcessExitCodeMapper Class Spring Batch Detail
SoapHeaderMapper Interface Spring Integration Detail
SpELItemKeyMapper Class Spring Batch Detail
StompHeaderMapper Class Spring Integration Detail
SubflowAttributeMapper Interface Spring Webflow Detail
SystemProcessExitCodeMapper Interface Spring Batch Detail
TcpMessageMapper Class Spring Integration Detail
TradeFieldSetMapper Class Spring Batch Detail
TradeRowMapper Class Spring Batch Detail
TupleFieldSetMapper Class Spring XD Detail
TupleRowMapper Class Spring XD Detail
UserDetailsContextMapper Interface Spring Security Detail
XmppHeaderMapper Interface Spring Integration Detail