Spring MVC - org.springframework.aop - Classes and Interfaces


AdvisorInterfaceBase interface holding AOP advice (action to take at a joinpoint)and a filter determining the applicability of the advice (such asDetail
AfterReturningAdviceInterfaceAfter returning advice is invoked only on normal method return, not if anexception is thrown.Detail
AopInvocationExceptionClassException that gets thrown when an AOP invocation failedbecause of misconfiguration or unexpected runtime issues.Detail
BeforeAdviceInterfaceCommon marker interface for before advice, such as MethodBeforeAdvice.Detail
ClassFilterInterfaceFilter that restricts matching of a pointcut or introduction toa given set of target classes.Detail
DynamicIntroductionAdviceInterfaceSubinterface of AOP Alliance Advice that allows additional interfacesto be implemented by an Advice, and available via a proxy using thatDetail
IntroductionAdvisorInterfaceSuperinterface for advisors that perform one or more AOP introductions.Detail
IntroductionAwareMethodMatcherInterfaceA specialized type of MethodMatcher that takes into account introductionswhen matching methods.Detail
IntroductionInfoInterfaceInterface supplying the information necessary to describe an introduction.Detail
IntroductionInterceptorInterfaceSubinterface of AOP Alliance MethodInterceptor that allows additional interfacesto be implemented by the interceptor, and available via a proxy using thatDetail
MethodBeforeAdviceInterfaceAdvice invoked before a method is invoked.Detail
MethodMatcherInterfacePart of a Pointcut: Checks whether the target method is eligible for advice.Detail
PointcutInterfaceCore Spring pointcut abstraction.Detail
PointcutAdvisorInterfaceSuperinterface for all Advisors that are driven by a pointcut.Detail
ProxyMethodInvocationInterfaceExtension of the AOP Alliance MethodInvocationinterface, allowing access to the proxy that the method invocation was made through.Detail
RawTargetAccessInterfaceMarker for AOP proxy interfaces (in particular: introduction interfaces)that explicitly intend to return the raw target object (which would normallyDetail
TargetClassAwareInterfaceMinimal interface for exposing the target class behind a proxy.Detail
TargetSourceInterfaceA TargetSource is used to obtain the current "target" ofan AOP invocation, which will be invoked via reflection if no aroundDetail
ThrowsAdviceInterfaceTag interface for throws advice.Detail