Spring MVC - org.springframework.aop.aspectj - Classes and Interfaces


AbstractAspectJAdviceAbstract ClassBase class for AOP Alliance Advice classeswrapping an AspectJ aspect or an AspectJ-annotated advice method.Detail
AspectInstanceFactoryInterfaceInterface implemented to provide an instance of an AspectJ aspect.Detail
AspectJAdviceParameterNameDiscovererClassParameterNameDiscoverer implementation that tries to deduce parameter namesfor an advice method from the pointcut expression, returning, and throwing clauses.Detail
AspectJAfterAdviceClassSpring AOP advice wrapping an AspectJ after advice method.Detail
AspectJAfterReturningAdviceClassSpring AOP advice wrapping an AspectJ after-returning advice method.Detail
AspectJAfterThrowingAdviceClassSpring AOP advice wrapping an AspectJ after-throwing advice method.Detail
AspectJAopUtilsClassUtility methods for dealing with AspectJ advisors.Detail
AspectJAroundAdviceClassSpring AOP around advice (MethodInterceptor) that wrapsan AspectJ advice method.Detail
AspectJExpressionPointcutClassSpring Pointcut implementationthat uses the AspectJ weaver to evaluate a pointcut expression.Detail
AspectJExpressionPointcutAdvisorClassSpring AOP Advisor that can be used for any AspectJ pointcut expression.Detail
AspectJMethodBeforeAdviceClassSpring AOP advice that wraps an AspectJ before method.Detail
AspectJPointcutAdvisorClassAspectJPointcutAdvisor that adapts an AbstractAspectJAdviceto the PointcutAdvisor interface.Detail
AspectJPrecedenceInformationInterfaceInterface to be implemented by types that can supply the informationneeded to sort advice/advisors by AspectJ's precedence rules.Detail
AspectJProxyUtilsClassUtility methods for working with AspectJ proxies.Detail
AspectJWeaverMessageHandlerClassroutes AspectJ weaving messages through the same logging system as theregular Spring messages.Detail
DeclareParentsAdvisorClassIntroduction advisor delegating to the given object.Detail
InstantiationModelAwarePointcutAdvisorInterfaceInterface to be implemented by Spring AOP Advisors wrapping AspectJaspects that may have a lazy initialization strategy.Detail
MethodInvocationProceedingJoinPointClasswrapping an AOP Alliance MethodInvocation.Detail
SimpleAspectInstanceFactoryClassof the specified aspect class for every getAspectInstance() call.Detail
SingletonAspectInstanceFactoryClassspecified singleton object, returning the same instance for everygetAspectInstance() call.Detail
TypePatternClassFilterClassSpring AOP ClassFilter implementation using AspectJ type matching.Detail

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