Java SE - List of Marker Interfaces


CompletableFuture.AsynchronousCompletionTaskInterfaceA marker interface identifying asynchronous tasks produced by async methods.Detail
Configuration.ParametersInterfaceThis represents a marker interface for Configuration parameters.Detail
ElementInterfaceThis is an element marker interface.Detail
EndDocumentInterfaceA marker interface for the end of the documentSince:1.Detail
KeyStore.EntryInterfaceA marker interface for KeyStore entry types.Detail
KeyStore.LoadStoreParameterInterfaceA marker interface for KeyStoreGets the parameter used to protect keystore data.Detail
KeyStore.ProtectionParameterInterfaceA marker interface for keystore protection parameters.Detail
Policy.ParametersInterfaceThis represents a marker interface for Policy parameters.Detail
PrivateClassLoaderInterfaceMarker interface indicating that a ClassLoader should not be added to the ClassLoaderRepository.Detail
RandomAccessInterfaceMarker interface used by List implementations to indicate that they support fast (generally constant time) random access.Detail